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The Leasing Life will guide you through the process—from finding your new home, to signing a lease  and moving in—helping you to fulfill your aspirations of finding a home that you love. Our experienced agents specialize in “The Best of Los Angeles” spanning Santa Monica to Los Feliz Amazing neighborhoods and new communities.

Los Angeles is a competitive market. And, with any market, there is fluctuation with Apartment availability. Once you have made the decision to move – you should write down a list of amenities that you want in your next apartment. Here is a guideline to secure your new place! A standard approval policy for a successful application is a minimum 650+ credit score with balanced debt to income ratio. Three times the rental income is the minimum requirement.


  1. Neighborhood – Where do you want to live and why? From delightful eateries to great schools for the kids; everyone has specific reasons for choosing an area. Check out to help you with an in depth search of different zip codes in Los Angeles.
  2. Are you going back to the office for work, or do you need a second bedroom to work from home? Consider your drive time; serenity is your life not spent in traffic.

  3. Amenities? Do you need  a balcony or is central A/C your first priority? Set your search filters for what you really need to have in your new home and what can do without.

  4. To ensure you can see the properties you are interested in; email or text your request; keeping track of your inquiries and confirm the day of the showing!

  5. When you get that “this is the one” feeling, put in your application. California applicants are processed by time stamp and the first completed application is reviewed first. This will give you the time to see other options  while knowing that you are in the first position for the one that you really want.

  6. To ensure a successful application, the standard documents are as follows:
    a. Two pieces of identification. This can be a driver’s license, passport, social security card, and in some cases a work ID card.
    b. Your last three paystubs and send in sequential order.
    c. If you are new to your company, be prepared to attach your signed and countersigned offer letter. If you are an independent contractor, have your last six business banking statements and your tax return ready to show as proof of income. Please be sure to complete your application; if you are filling out your application on a platform i.e. Appfolio once you e-sign you cant go back and edit. And, remember your application is not binding but it is a legal document.

  7. It takes 1-3 business days to approve and application, be ready to sign the lease within 24 hours of receiving it and 48 hours to remit the cashier checks. The initial transaction requires cashiers checks; however most property owners will accept personal check thereafter, in addition to payments on-line thru resident portals.

  8. Avoid Scams. Know who you are working with and do your research by checking websites, reviews and social media platforms.

  9. Your internet is provided by a third party. As soon as you sign your lease make an in-person appointment for your move-in day.  You may not need it, but you don’t want to be without internet service.

  10. COVID-19. Please follow CDC recommendations. While these guidelines are being updated week-to-week; we have masks for your comfort and safety.

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